Allergies and the great outdoors

Here's an interesting twist. I have suffered from allergies for more than half my life...I always forget, but I think it is called angioedema; parts of me swell up. It is uncomfortable, sometimes painful, itchy and when it happens to my face, disfiguring and disheartening. Since I left an office job in June I have spent... Continue Reading →

Out with the old…

I like moving on. Fresh starts. In the garden there are always new beginnings. Spring brings the eagerly anticipated asparagus, along with rhubarb, and if we are lucky, over-wintered spinach. Then peas, swiss chard, lettuce, strawberries, kohlrabi, in steady succession. These are followed through the warmer weeks by cucumbers, blueberries, carrots, squash, cabbage, parsnips, potatoes,... Continue Reading →

August in the garden

When we planned our garden gate, we wanted the rods to be spaced far enough apart for Rebecca to get through, but not wide enough for a dog’s head to get stuck. What we didn’t account for was chickens. The new iron gate is attached to a wooden fence, encircling the garden. We have a... Continue Reading →

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