Sandy left a path of death and destruction. However, we were very lucky. The power went out for only 24 hours, and our generator worked well, keeping our freezer and refrigerator going. When we cautiously explored the woods the next morning---keeping a watchful eye on any dangling trees or limbs---we found one of our majestic... Continue Reading →

The miracle of trees

“We have underestimated the importance of trees. … they are a near miracle,” wrote Jim Robbins in a fascinating piece, “Why Trees Matter,” which ran last week in the Opinion section of the New York Times.  I knew trees were important to our ecosystem, but I had no idea how critical---and extensive---a role they played in... Continue Reading →

Splitting wood

The wood splitter is fun! Of course, Cherisse has been using it steadily since its arrival, and when my cousin Tom visited a few days ago, the two of them split a mountain of wood. I’ve only tried it a couple of times. Today we were going to clean out the shed (an unpleasant task... Continue Reading →

Wild turkey

I looked out this morning to see what, on first glance, appeared to be some enormous black chickens on the other side of the fence. They were wild turkeys—11 of them, and full grown. The turkeys made their way along the outer edge of the fence (some straggling and then running to catch up), until... Continue Reading →


If there are Ents, they are mourning the loss of so many trees. While there wasn't too much damage around the house, a number of trees came down in the woods. One healthy tree looks like a giant twisted its trunk and ripped it in half. Others had their tops twisted off. Some weaker trees--made... Continue Reading →

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