A perfect weekend

As 2012 draws to a close, we spent the weekend simply enjoying life. Saturday we met Cathleen for a delicious breakfast at Nick's, returning home before the snow began to fall, fast and deep. This morning we used showshoes to make pathways in a foot of snow, looping around the yard and through the woods... Continue Reading →


Lately I have become acutely aware of contradictory sensations related to time. On the one hand, time passes at an alarming speed. One season collides with the next: summer disappeared before the fall crop of seeds got planted; fall was replaced with dropping temperatures and snow, freezing unfinished garden beds. Holidays whip ferociously by; Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

You can plan all you want, but life charts its own course and sometimes you have to go with the tide. Memorial Day weekend was to be dedicated to the garden, in an effort to catch up with planting (and weeding). Saturday, however, was consumed by the bee swarm. When we woke Sunday, the bees were... Continue Reading →

Sunday run

As we run down our road, drivers in the few cars that pass give a friendly wave. An occasional dog races out, barking to ensure we keep moving by. On this sunny Sunday afternoon, many neighbors work outside, splitting wood, making repairs. One man stokes the fire at the forge in his blacksmith shop. We... Continue Reading →

A quiet mind

Maureen Dowd has an excellent column in today's New York Times about silence...or the lack thereof in people's lives. With all of the gadgets demanding our attention, she posits that we have lost the ability to be still, to appreciate what is around us,to pay attention. I have thought about this often. Walking the streets... Continue Reading →


There is a beautiful Cheryl Wheeler song she wrote for her father's 75th birthday called "75 Septembers." Introducing the song in concert, she remarked on how the passage of time accelerates as you get older, so that eventually it becomes "Christmas, Christmas, Christmas." I have an image in my mind of Superman (George Reeves in... Continue Reading →

Happiness is…

…a brisk sunny fall day. …the companionship of joyful dogs. …the sound of rushing water. …planning the weekend’s menu for good friends. …glimpsing the twitching tails of the neighbor’s Arabian horses through naked trees. …chickens racing after you to see what you’ve brought them. …the warmth of a purring cat. …the overwhelming love and support... Continue Reading →


I grew up falling asleep to the steady sounds of cars zipping along the West Side Highway. When we went to the country in the summer, it took several nights to adjust to the quiet before I could fall asleep. When the power went out during Irene, our house was not only plunged into darkness,... Continue Reading →

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