Land of the living

Today was one of those gorgeous September days when New York City sparkles. Sunny, blue skies, crisp air---not too cold, but no longer hot and humid. This same date, eleven years ago, was just such a day, full of promise. It was shattered by the horror of a terrorist attack that destroyed two iconic buildings... Continue Reading →

A walk in the park

These past few months I have been working in midtown Manhattan part of the week. When I can, I walk back to the Upper West Side through Central Park. I take different paths, sometimes getting momentarily turned around (which isn’t hard to do). Since my object—aside from making my way to my mother's apartment—is exercise,... Continue Reading →

New York in springtime

On any nice day after school my mother took my sister and me out to the park...sometimes against our will. We rode bikes, went sledding and ice skating. When the cherry blossoms were in bloom we had picnics under them---always date nut bread and cream cheese sandwiches with grape juice and gingerale (I have no... Continue Reading →

Beautiful New York

I have always loved New York. On this sunny winter day every detail stood in sharp relief---the bare trees in Riverside Park, the buildings silhouetted against a blue sky. Despite freezing air, walking briskly down Broadway I got so hot I had to remove a couple of layers. One year my school had a "school... Continue Reading →

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