Life in death

On a coffee break last Sunday, we sat outside watching the goats in their temporary pen. Large logs from the dead portion of the maple tree outside our kitchen door remained where they’d fallen—the goats like to climb on them, and one long branch looks like a sculpture of a praying mantis. So we had... Continue Reading →


With the arrival of Gus and Gwendolyn, our Oberhasli goats, I decided to return to Maggie’s Farm. To my horror, someone had hacked it, imbedding ads for Viagra, and jumbling the words I’d so carefully chosen. Thanks to my cousin Tom’s unfailing patience, we pieced it back together, and moved it to a safer platform.... Continue Reading →

One holiday at a time

Last week Christmas arrived in New York City. Along Fifth Avenue, stores like Cartier and Harry Winston bejeweled their facades with festive, sparkling lights. The Plaza Hotel hung giant wreathes in every window. And Rockefeller Center erected scaffolding around an enormous Christmas tree in order to string equally enormous lights. It is a collision of... Continue Reading →

Ice skating

What you learn as a child must really be ingrained in your memory. On Friday I went ice skating with my sister, on a small outdoor rink in the center of downtown Providence. The day was sunny—a bit too warm for ice skating, but very pleasant. I last skated about 10 years ago, when the... Continue Reading →

Classics re-imagined

We've been enjoying the Bob Dylan tribute album, Chimes of Freedom, celebrating 50 years of Amnesty International (and raising funds). The album includes 76 tracks recorded by a highly diverse group of artists. Some of the recordings sound close to the original (“Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Michael Franti is a favorite), while others are not... Continue Reading →

Sundays and newspapers

Sunday morning breakfast was a highlight growing up. My father and I made pancakes (Aunt Jemima’s). After we all ate, my father would read us a story. I still enjoy Sunday mornings, and usually Cherisse makes something special, like pancakes or waffles (no mixes though); or I might make blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs. Recently... Continue Reading →

One of the greatest gifts

People have been talking about Tebow for a while now, but it was Frank Bruni’s column two Sunday’s back that got me interested. He—and the game—didn’t disappoint. The Pats are an excellent, seasoned team, and the final outcome was no surprise. For the first quarter, though, the Broncos emanated a confidence that had them powering... Continue Reading →

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