This old house

Our lovely next door neighbor Emiko and her husband Peter stopped by today. Living in such an old house, we know much has happened in it—and to it—over the years. We are fascinated by stories of its origins, and are lucky to have two sets of neighbors who have filled in much detail. Marguerite and... Continue Reading →


Without a doubt, we would not be in our house today were it not for Kerrin Shettle. In late 2003 we decided it was time to buy a home and had begun to look online, with occasional drive-bys of the most promising listings. The property had to fit several criteria: a quiet dirt road (safer... Continue Reading →

Winter warmth

Rebecca might be ensconced on the rocking chair by the new wood stove for the duration of the cold weather. She went out briefly today, only to come in and warm herself right next to the stove, and then resume her claim on the rocking chair.The house is toasty (68 degrees in the keeping room…unheard... Continue Reading →

A room of one’s own

For some time I had an image of my perfect bathroom: it was bright, roomy, with a long clawfoot tub.  So when we bought our house and it had a 1970s era bathroom, we remodeled it immediately. The bathroom was poorly shaped (it made an L), and the door was in the middle of the... Continue Reading →

Art in Maine

Usually I have a good sense of direction, but not when I'm anywhere near Downeast Maine. Something about the peninsulas that drip down along the coastline completely throws me off. That might explain why I took so many wrong turns driving up yesterday. First I spaced out and passed the exit for Route 1, which... Continue Reading →

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