The holiday season

For eight of our ten Christmases in Foster we’ve driven a mile and a half down the road to cut down our tree at Colwell’s Farm. Mr. Colwell, who is also a furniture maker, stopped planting new trees a few years ago, and so each year we’ve tried to judge when the supply will run... Continue Reading →

A spectacle in yellow

When I was a teenager, my parents purchased a summer cottage in Madison, CT. It had beadboard walls inside and weathered shingles on the exterior. Two large porches, one open downstairs, and one screened in upstairs, convinced my parents to buy the house on the spot (they had been looking, so had a good sense... Continue Reading →

Winter weight

Rebecca, a rather small cat, has once again put on her winter weight. In the warm weather she is outside for hours, covering a lot of ground. However, in the cold, snowy weather, she often sleeps much of the day, getting up just to eat, or to re-locate herself to someone’s lap. The winter slows... Continue Reading →

Blizzard of 2013

Yesterday we woke to a world blanketed in snow---by the time the snow stopped it would be four feet in some drifts. As the snow abated we tried to forge paths for the dogs. We had to exert great energy lifting our snowshoes out of the deep snow to take each step. The dogs and... Continue Reading →

The smell of summer

For some people, that fresh laundry smell is associated with the type of detergent used. For me, it will always be the smell of summer—warm sun and fresh air. Growing up, we spent our summers in Connecticut, in a house without heat, and without a clothes dryer. My mother did copious loads of laundry, and... Continue Reading →

Return to spring

We left for Maui on March 3, wearing winter coats. In our absence spring arrived. Poking through the pine branches (which I'd left on the snow covered garden) were brightly colored crocuses. The daffodils grew six inches in the 10 days we'd been gone. In contrast to the vibrant colors of Maui, everything here is... Continue Reading →


I am convinced that one day Cherisse and I will invent something so useful, the world will wonder how it survived without it for so long. Until that time, I will simply admire the genius of others. Today I used three marvelous inventions. The first is the heated mattress pad. Our bedroom stays cold, which... Continue Reading →

Solar powered

Our laundry room is in a bump-out at the back of the house, accessed through the dining room. Whoever built it used a small, old barn or shed door to separate the rooms, and someone made very rough cabinets out of barn boards which hang over the washer and dryer. A wooden ironing board, worn... Continue Reading →


The Christmas tree came down today. We are always loathe to see it go, but yesterday's warm temperatures made us feel the time had come. The treasured ornaments so happily unwrapped last month are packed away. The unadorned tree is lying outside---until I cut off the branches to strew around the flower garden---an object of... Continue Reading →

The new year

Any given year offers many chances for fresh starts. As a student, I loved September, with brand new notebooks, and the promise of exciting classes. For gardeners, spring heralds a beginning: new seeds to experiment with, adjustments to soil or placement of plants, and plans for more diligent weeding. And of course, there is January... Continue Reading →

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