Getting along

Tempers can run thin on a New York City subway at rush hour. People don’t move into the center of the car; one person wedges himself into the pack just before the door closes; a bag gets jammed in someone’s face. Sharp words are sometimes exchanged, but the real wonder is that so many people,... Continue Reading →

What we miss

Koa flushed a grouse-like bird in the woods today (I didn’t get a good enough look for better identification). Then both dogs spent some time sniffing around where the bird had been. Walking in the woods with the dogs—especially the first walk of the day—is often a slow process. They sniff every branch, twig, and... Continue Reading →

Christmas dogs

Everyone had a lovely Christmas, especially the dogs. Koa and Oliver had a long walk in the woods with their cousins (and assorted people), snoozed among unwrapped presents and feet, and then, best of all, helped Cathleen carve a turkey. It was a great day all around.

Loving dogs

My friend Sharon's dog Louie died this past weekend. I have met her lovely family many times---her kind husband David and adorable twins, Sophie and Will---but had never met Louie. I felt I knew him though, because he was such an important part of her life. He was old, and unwell, and a few weeks... Continue Reading →

Traveling with dogs

Dogs are such good company. I drove to Maine ahead of Cherisse---she had to wait for our house/chicken sitters to come. Neither of us wanted to be without a dog, so we split them up. Koa is in charge of protecting the homestead, and we thought Oliver wouldn't like to be thrown into guard dog... Continue Reading →

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