Making a difference

On Thursday, one of my favorite television shows, Glee, addressed the death of one of its stars. We went through a box of tissues watching the raw grief of the actors as they said goodbye. The episode blurred the lines between fiction and reality as it asked how you measure a life. Around this same time... Continue Reading →

A question of faith

I envision faith (in its religious context) as a Rubik’s cube that I turn from time to time, match up some pieces, and then set down again, never considering the possibility of solving it. During the holidays I found myself in churches—Saint Thomas in New York City to hear their wonderful choir, and a church... Continue Reading →


Friends and family gathered to remember a wonderful woman yesterday, Linda Haas, who died at 68 after a long battle with cancer. As many stood up to share stories of her, I realized how much I had missed out in not knowing her longer. But whenever I did see Linda she picked up where we’d... Continue Reading →

Sea change

Today President Obama declared his support for same-sex marriage. This is a monumental step, and the social networks were abuzz with praise (at least my social networks were). Mr. Obama, in the ABC interview today, mentioned that his daughters have friends whose parents are same-sex couples, and they see no difference. One of my friends... Continue Reading →

A big weekend

Everyday occurrences are hard to track. Yesterday we forgot to write down how many eggs we'd collected. Saturday merged with Friday, and we couldn't retrace our steps, so we logged "3" with a question mark. However, two events this weekend were quite memorable. Friday night we saw "Brain Storm" at the Carriage House in Providence. It... Continue Reading →

Party of six

More than 20 years later, six of us still get together for dinner every month or two. In each of my jobs I have been lucky to meet people I like and care about, who went from co-workers to friends. Geography, families, and time have made it difficult to see some of them, so we... Continue Reading →

Good cheer

The show Cheers was popular when I lived in Boston. Tourists would line up to get inside the former Bull & Finch Pub (only the facade was used in the show). I doubt that the bar, once it began catering to visitors, had the collegial ambiance promised in the theme song: "Sometimes you want to... Continue Reading →

Personal mail

When we moved into the house on the lake, there was no mail delivery, so we had to open a PO box at the local post office in Harmony. The postmaster, Roberta, asked what Cherisse and I did. When I said I wrote, she told me she had other customers who were writers and that... Continue Reading →

Helping others

I just watched a webstream of Vespers at Smith College. One year, when I was at Smith, I participated in the candle-lighting ceremony---it took place at Sage Hall and we lit real candles, one from the other, creating a lovely, flickering chain of light. The program has now moved to a larger venue, with two... Continue Reading →


A long time ago I spent six happy weeks on Maui. It was the year of the big adventure--Cherisse and I had saved up some money, quit our jobs in Boston, and went biking and camping through parts of Europe from a rainy spring until an early fall. Not quite ready to get back to... Continue Reading →

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