With the arrival of Gus and Gwendolyn, our Oberhasli goats, I decided to return to Maggie’s Farm. To my horror, someone had hacked it, imbedding ads for Viagra, and jumbling the words I’d so carefully chosen. Thanks to my cousin Tom’s unfailing patience, we pieced it back together, and moved it to a safer platform. This involved me reading 221 posts, scrubbing the ads, and resurrecting the words and photos as best I could. Some were lost, but Maggie’s Farm has mostly been restored. The process forced me to revisit so many moments—some very sad, but on the balance, happy times.

Yesterday Tom, Diana, their girls, and my aunt and uncle came to see the goats (and us). My uncle suffers from dementia, as did my mother who died just over a year ago. Since I last wrote in Maggie’s Farm, we lost not only my mother, but our beloved dog and cat, Koa and Rebecca. Both animals died of cancer, within a month of each other in 2015. They have all left behind gigantic holes.

Life presents so many daunting challenges, I treasure my time with the people I love, and the creatures who steal our hearts.


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