Seeds of summer

Between my trip in January and the endless snow, the possibility of summer seemed very remote, and so I placed my Fedco seed order a month later than usual. Hopefully my order will arrive quickly because according to last year’s records I started our first seeds on March 4th.

One of the problems with ordering late is that many varieties sell out. However, instead of lamenting what I’d missed, I decided to experiment with some new seeds like the Yaya Carrot, and Winner Kohlrabi whose “tender sweet flavor was a revelation,” and Green Arrow Shell peas which “withstand miserable and extreme weather better than other varieties.” I am trying Golden Chard, which is an heirloom developed in the 1830s, originally known as Chilean beet. Looking for lettuces which withstand summer’s heat, I chose Anuenue Lettuce; the Fedco catalog says “In late July and even early August, this 1987 University of Hawaii product has no peers for crispness and sweetness…” How could I pass up Weisnicht’s Ukrainian Tomato, or Boldog Hungarian Spice Paprika Sweet Pepper? The Feherozon Sweet Pepper, described as incredibly productive, can be dried for paprika (I never thought of making my own paprika, but I just might). In Mexico, I saw garbanzo growing everywhere. They were delicious fresh or lightly toasted so I will try to grow Black Kabouli Garbanzo Beans.

Snow has melted this weekend in 50 degree weather, creating a treacherous, slushy mess. Tonight temperatures will drop again, turning the slush to ice. Winter’s end is still a long way off, but I’ve let a welcome touch of summer creep in.

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