With recent warmer temperatures we’ve seen a surge in new growth. Our forsythia resembles giant yellow balls, and the crab apple, viburnum and quince have large buds. Daffodils bloom in succession, and one lone tulip has (so far) escaped the annual decimation (if it flowers, it will be the first we’ve had in nearly 10 years).

All of this beauty delights us, but not as much as the promise of food to come. The lettuce started inside and transplanted last week grows under its protective row cover. The peas which had only begun to pop up a few days ago now look thick and healthy. Spinach, beets and greens emerge in straight rows. The swiss chard, kohlrabi and cabbage started indoors has joined others planted directly in the beds. And, with no assistance from us, the perennial rhubarb rises up on strong stalks.

This will be the extent of our outdoor planting, until warmer temperatures arrive for good. Until then, peppers and tomatoes grow on heat mats under bright lights. Parsley and celeriac, while not robust, get bigger. The eggplant seeds have not yet germinated but I expect them soon. I just planted melon, flowers and herbs, so it will be a few days before we see any sign of life there. New growth surrounds us everywhere, though, and with it will come sweetly scented air, buzzing with bees, and our own vegetables, picked fresh.






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