Winter vegetables

Even without a root cellar we have done all right this year with our winter storage vegetables. The last of our celeriac went in a fantastic soup; two heads of cabbage and two huge parsnips remain (in the refrigerator), as well as a butternut (stored in our bedroom, the coldest room in the house). We also have three giant kohlrabi, untouched thus far. Their size and odd looks daunt us, but if they are like last year’s, they will taste great.

We had trouble with our carrot crop last summer, and so had to replant mid-season. What we harvested disappeared pretty quickly. Most of our potatoes went into the compost (a lot were green for some reason). Beets are plentiful at the farmer’s market, and delicious; this year we will try to do a better job growing our own.

My seeds arrived a few weeks ago from Fedco, and so this first weekend of March I will plant lettuce, beets, cabbage, chard, and a few other things that either need a long growing time, or we hope to get in the ground early (the lettuce and chard especially).

The ground is still frozen, but another year in the garden begins…perhaps the most dramatic indicator of how fast time passes.

Giant kohlrabi

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