Winter weight

Rebecca, a rather small cat, has once again put on her winter weight. In the warm weather she is outside for hours, covering a lot of ground. However, in the cold, snowy weather, she often sleeps much of the day, getting up just to eat, or to re-locate herself to someone’s lap.

The winter slows us all down. Running outdoors isn’t appealing in freezing temperatures, and there hasn’t been enough snow or sustained cold temperatures for much skiing or sledding. Early sunsets make the entire day feel compressed. With fewer outdoor chores, more sedentary responsibilities take precedence. In the evening we gather together for family movie night with three warm animals curled up in a pile of black fur.

March is almost upon us, the long in-between month when we’ve begun to tire of winter and long for spring. Eventually the earliest bulbs will appear in bright spots of color. Until then, we’re content with an additional four minutes of sunlight each day. We resist Rebecca’s semi-hibernation, as appealing as it looks, and speed up progress on indoor work, before long sunny days keep us busy and exhausted outside. We enjoy the waning weeks of winter.


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