Looking forward

Twelve months have passed since I began this blog, although, as is so often the case for me, the time passed in a blur. And yet a closer examination of the day-to-day proves how full those days were.

In the next twelve months many of our life’s activities will repeat. Vegetables will again be harvested and turned into soups, stews, sauces, loaves of bread and other foods that freeze well. Some plants will not produce; we’ll puzzle over them, and if we’re lucky, perhaps learn something that will help next year. The chicks will keep growing at their rapid pace, and so we’ll know in a couple of months whether we have hens or roosters. The older, diminishing, flock will hopefully keep laying eggs so we can put off a decision on how to manage their retirement. The revitalized bees should continue to replenish their population and stores in time for winter.

The parts that repeat won’t be exactly the same, however. And we will continually try new things, meet interesting people, and learn about subjects not yet considered. Such is the joy of life, and the pleasure of sharing it.

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