Shades of white

Much needed rain is finally falling, pooling in all our pathways because the ground is so dry. In anticipation of the rain, we tried to protect our broody hen, who has been sitting on her nest since last Saturday. Surrounded by rocks and covered with a criss-cross of tree branches, she had little protection from wet weather; our covering of pine boughs may help.

Petals from the crabapple fall like giant, fragrant snowflakes in the wind and rain, dotting the ground around it. On Friday the tree was in full bloom, and filled with honeybees and fat buzzing bumble bees. This week all of the bees have had a wealth of food sources. The Korean spice viburnum, with it’s lovely heavy scented blossoms is a favorite with the honeybees. Tiny bees cover the spirea, with its sprays of small white flowers.

A progression of white flowers surround us—the dogwood is almost in full bloom, and just behind it, a large white lilac will soon fill the air with its sweet scent. Each year I am sorry to see the crabapple lose its petals, but soon the viburnum will be covered with flowers…and then the peonies…

Crabapple and bee


Spiced viburnum


house and chickens

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