On Easter morn

I am a sucker for great holiday packaging: black and orange dishtowels embroidered with jack-o-lanterns; beeswax candles in the shape of Christmas trees; bunny candle holders in soft pastel colors. So what if you only use them once a year?

My family is not religious, and so our celebration of Easter is much like that of Christmas. It is a time for appreciating loved ones. Easter heralds spring, with all its welcome bright colors—and features bunnies, baby chicks, and Easter candy. In general I try not to eat candy, but mold chocolate into the shape of a rabbit, or wrap it in foil printed with a yellow chick and I can’t get enough. Usually I don’t (knowingly) eat corn syrup, but I am pretty sure it is unavoidable in jellybeans…and I turn a blind eye.

When we were little, my sister and I would awaken to a special Easter basket with papier-mâché eggs my mother had when she was young, and a present. Once my sister and I woke up very early and uncharacteristically unwrapped our presents. One of us got the game “Who You.” We strapped plastic containers filled with cards depicting different farmyard animals to our foreheads. The game was to guess the animal on your head by making the right sound (“moo moo, baa baa”). We played happily for some time before my parents came in and packed us back to bed. They were quite stern but they had to have been laughing when they got back to their room.

A couple of times I attended the Easter sunrise service on the beach in Madison, CT. It was lovely, but what I liked best was the communal experience, standing outside at dawn with a group of people. In recent years we have made brunch for family and friends, enjoying the time together. I take the opportunity to bring out my dishes with bunnies and my glass candy basket that I fill with once-a-year treats.

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