I am convinced that one day Cherisse and I will invent something so useful, the world will wonder how it survived without it for so long. Until that time, I will simply admire the genius of others.

Today I used three marvelous inventions. The first is the heated mattress pad. Our bedroom stays cold, which is better for sleeping, but challenging when getting into bed on a cold winter’s night. Now, 15 minutes before bedtime, we turn on the mattress pad (which brilliantly comes with two different controls), and then slip into a toasty bed.

The kitchen scale is another essential creation.  Cherisse bought it for making bread, because weighing the ingredients is far more accurate than using measuring cups. I pull it out almost every day. We use it for canning our vegetables, for weighing dried beans to cook for soups, and to constantly satisfy our curiosity about odd things (like how much the giant chicken eggs weigh).

Crockpots (or slow-cookers), once popular in the 70s, have made a resurgence. This morning I used ours, putting in the chicken carcass from last night’s dinner, covering it with water and adding some herbs, salt and pepper. I set the cooker on low for eight hours, and now we have a nutritious broth, without the onions I can’t eat (and every store-bought stock contains). Tomorrow I will make soup.

Thanks to all the people who came up with these life-changing devices. Someday I may contribute my own.

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