Ice skating

What you learn as a child must really be ingrained in your memory. On Friday I went ice skating with my sister, on a small outdoor rink in the center of downtown Providence. The day was sunny—a bit too warm for ice skating, but very pleasant. I last skated about 10 years ago, when the lake Cherisse and I lived on had frozen, so I took the first few laps cautiously. Soon the joy of gliding fast around a rink returned, and I remembered when my sister and I, much younger, tore around Lasker rink in Central Park, weaving in and out of the more sedate skaters.

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  1. great minds…we took the girls skating more or less for their first time last weekend…will now be part of our regular VT weekend itinerary. (Maggie cruises and laughs hysterically when she crashes…Olivia – not so much.)


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