Chickens and politics

The chickens ended their four-day sit-in. They must have seen from their windows that the snow was gone, because the second I opened their sliding door, they raced out…and have spent the day happily pecking in the mud.

Our lovely snow was short-lived. Yesterday it got so warm that by nightfall a thick fog moved in; I had to drive home in it, and I couldn’t see 20 feet ahead. Regular landmarks looked completely different. Even our house, with the lights glowing warmly from the windows, seemed alien. It’s a relief to dispel those surreal moments with a bright sunny day.

Politics seems surreal regardless of weather conditions. A friend posted on Facebook an article in which Rick Santorum complained that he wasn’t responsible for correcting the woman who stated outrageous untruths about President Obama: that he is a Muslim (which shouldn’t matter, but does, and is simply not true), and that he isn’t “legally” the president).

In my friend’s post, he called Santorum a “shameful American.” I agree, and think that anyone who wants to be president should set the bar for honesty and decency even higher than the rest of us. But that doesn’t let the rest of us off the hook. The ignorance, hatred, and small-mindedness that flourish in politics should be replaced by intelligent, civil, and open-minded discourse. Surely that’s a reasonable expectation.

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