It snowed again last night, and today was beautiful. Unlike Tuesday, it stayed cold enough to keep the snow from melting.

Snowy day

The chickens didn’t like this snow any better. Just as they’d done earlier in the week, they stopped short on their ramp, looked around, and beat a retreat inside, complaining loudly.

Turning around
IMG_0082 2

We refilled their food and water, going in and out of the coop. One of the Dominiques (Maria) hopped out after us. Koa had stationed herself right outside the door, and was blocking Maria’s exit. Not to be deterred, Maria flew over Koa’s head, landing in the snow. She then began to pick her way, carefully, over snow-covered logs and rocks, and back to her new nesting spot. Later that morning we saw her plowing her way back through the snow, to the coop (it was slow going, and it looked like she was wearing snowshoes). Cherisse checked the rock pile and found another egg.

The other chickens refused to go out all day, but were vocal in their discontent. More snow is expected tonight, so perhaps they will finally decide to follow Maria out tomorrow. If not, it will be a noisy day.

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