The uninvited guests

Today was an unexpected day. We’d planned to go to a Saturday morning Pilates class, and then the Providence farmer’s market. However, a late start caused us to switch gears, and instead, we went to the Mt. Hope farmer’s market in Bristol with the dogs; Mt. Hope Farm has a lovely walk we’d been wanting to take them on.

Cherisse and I hadn’t been to this market since its opening day a couple of months ago, and we were happy to see that it was still drawing good crowds. Cathleen, who lives much closer, met us there with Tanner and Kitty, and so we all had a nice walk; despite the freezing temperature, Koa went for a swim.

I wouldn’t dream of inviting myself to a meal at anyone’s house—except for my sister’s. Cherisse had planned to go on to Cathleen’s to pick up something, while I was heading home. But by then I was hungry, and so I might have prompted Cathleen to offer lunch. Next thing, we were all sitting around the dining room table with Cheryl, while Cathleen set out delicious pea soup, cheese and crackers, a salad and cider. As often happens in that house, time passed easily. It’s been a pleasant day.

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