Chickens can and can’t

Every December, alumni from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) sell their handcrafted wares at a holiday fair. My sister and I love to go, and we usually find many treasures—for ourselves as well as the people on our lists. One year we discovered an artist, Sam Ackerman, who’d written an incredibly funny cartoon book on what cat’s can, and can’t, do. The captions rely on the wonderful illustrations. One of my favorites is rather macabre: “Cat’s can’t be coal miners” and the image is of an empty bird cage and dead cats with miners hats and lights. Most of the cartoons aren’t as gruesome, but they are as clever.

It occurred to me that chickens, while not nearly as complex as cats, also lend themselves to “can” and “can’t” scenarios. Here are a few:

Chickens can run.

Chickens can’t draw.

Chickens can handle inclement weather.

Chickens can’t share.

Chickens can keep track of time.

Chickens can fly.

Chickens can’t plant vegetables.

Chickens can elect leaders.

Chickens can’t cook.

Chickens can protest.

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