Beautiful New York

I have always loved New York. On this sunny winter day every detail stood in sharp relief—the bare trees in Riverside Park, the buildings silhouetted against a blue sky. Despite freezing air, walking briskly down Broadway I got so hot I had to remove a couple of layers.

One year my school had a “school without walls” program. Students chose from a variety of classes that turned the city into our classroom for a short time. One of mine involved looking up. In New York people are so busy getting to their destination as quickly as possible, they seldom look up…and they miss the beautiful details found in so many old buildings. I spent several happy days walking around the Upper West Side with our teacher, discovering architectural treasures.

New York looking up

New York is full of such surprises. You can find almost anything here. The city’s diversity allows you to meet people from all around the world, to try new foods, or visit a museum to learn about other cultures. Stunning parks offer space for running, biking, walking dogs, ice skating, or just lying in the sun. Buses, subways and your legs get you just about anywhere you’d like to go—New Yorkers walk a lot. Raising children in New York exposes them to so many experiences; and it’s a great place to grow old because the city provides many services, stimulation, and a support system. No matter what your age, the city teems with life; you can jump into the middle of it, or enjoy watching its endless variety stream by.

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