Just around the corner

I don’t like moving onto Christmas until December rolls around, but I was at Appleland buying apples, and so I selected four wreathes for the barn doors. Last night Cherisse and I picked the photos for our holiday card. And a new Christmas cd just arrived in an Amazon delivery, so of course I am playing it (I may have to listen to this one when I am alone…it’s Glee’s Christmas volume 2).

Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday, but December wins for best month. My family celebrates three birthdays—first my mother, then sister and finally me, born two days before Christmas. All my life people asked if I felt short-changed, but how could I? My sister and I usually had joint birthday parties, and my parents gave us proper birthday presents (not a combination gift…that’s important when you are little). Even better, I have always enjoyed how festive everything is—decorations, music, and a general air of good cheer. This holiday has some wonderful music. For a month I can listen to, and sing along with, carols. The last few years I’ve been to the Messiah, performed by the Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys in New York. The boys’ voices touch your soul.

This weekend we’ll put the holiday collars on the dogs, and cut down the tree we tagged (and beribboned). Let the season begin!


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