There’s a rooster in my garden

Any time we are in the kitchen and see a chicken run by, we laugh. Even funnier is when Koa sits on the kitchen steps and studiously ignores the chicken running past her.

They cover a lot of ground during the day, but of late they’ve spent quite a bit of time in my flower garden. Today Featherfoot was settled in the middle of a bed, and five hens were right near him. This will become a problem in the spring, as the flowers begin to emerge, so we will have to find a way to keep them out.

Last evening, as the sun was setting, I thought they’d be settled in their house. However only three had made it in. I found the others in a field behind the barn, still busy; just beyond them was Rebecca, hunting mice and moles (and ignoring the chickens).

Egg production has slowed considerably—today I collected only four eggs and just six in each of the last two days. So while the shorter days might play a role, I fear there are eggs scattered about under bushes and in brush…never to be found by us. The alternative is to keep the chickens locked up longer in the day, but they seem to lay at all different times. Besides, they form quite an angry mob when they’re waiting to be released. And how many people can sit at their computer working while chickens cluck right outside the window?

hens in the garden


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