Saturday Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving meal is one of my favorites—turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes*, a vegetable or two, and lots of desserts no one has room for, but somehow manages to eat just the same.

Yesterday was my second Thanksgiving meal. The same group of friends—with some new ones scattered in—gathers eagerly each year at my sister’s house. Koa and Oliver played with the two boys of a new friend. Panting and tired, the dogs came inside as 17 people sat down for the feast. We don’t feed the dogs at the table ever. Still, they’re smart enough to know that with such a large, happy gathering, odds are someone will slip them a bite or two. Somehow they quickly zero in on the softest touches. We’re hoping they have simply learned to beg when Diane—or Stephen—are around, and have not picked it up as a general rule.

Sitting around a big table, talking with good friends, eating excellent food, listening to Cheryl play two wonderful new songs on her ukelele, I know I am blessed.

Today we recovered from our big meal and the excitement. Cherisse fed the bees, who inexplicably have been going into the bird feeder (much to the annoyance of the birds who wisely stay away).

Bees in feederBees in feeder

I am not sure what attracts them, or if they find any sustenance, but for the birds’ sake I hope they stop. We intended to look in the hives today to check their stores, but a late start, freelance work, and other chores kept us busy. Before we knew it the sun was setting in a spectacular violet sky, streaked with clouds. Now it’s time for turkey leftovers and a quiet night.

*I added my mother’s fabulous recipe for sweet potatoes to the recipe tab.


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