Chicken helpers

The coop is quite spacious for nine chickens, and ours have more room than a lot of small farm flocks. Everything is relative of course, and because they go outside almost every day, and have a huge area in which to roam, the chickens complain loudly when they are “cooped up.” As I approached their house this morning the clucking sounds were disgruntled, and as soon as they saw me, quite loud. Several of them flew out as soon as I released them. Now all is forgotten and forgiven as they resume normal activity.

Including helping Cherisse split more wood. Once again, chickens were everywhere, pecking at the bark Cherisse peeled off the split logs, checking out the cart, and examining the logs for grubs. Koa and Oliver helped too…their strategy is to rip the logs into smaller pieces.

With all this assistance, Cherisse should have several cords ready in short order.

Chickens spitting wood

Chickens splitting woodChickens in cartChickens splitting wood

Dogs splitting wood

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  1. I love all the animal assistance! If you ever need help cleaning up sticks all over the yard, I know a labrador puppy who would be quite keen! 🙂


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