O Tannenbaum

This will be our eighth Christmas in Foster. The first two years we cut our tree at a lovely old farm the next road over. Sadly for us, the owners were retiring (they had ceased to plant new trees a few years before and simply sold what remained in their fields). For our third Christmas we were very happy to discover Colwell Farm, just two miles down our road, where we’ve cut our trees ever since. The owner (who is a woodworker and has a lovely shop), is also retiring and has stopped planting new trees. So this year, for the first time, worried about dwindling selection, we tagged a tree. We went yesterday, on a short lunch break. The day was warm and sunny, perfect for selecting (but not cutting) a tree. With fewer trees to create shade, those that were left last winter have grown nicely, and we found several we liked before choosing “the one.” I brought brightly colored ribbons which we tied all over the tree, so no one could mistake that it had been claimed. Neither farm groomed their trees to make them perfectly proportioned…which is how we like them. A little oddly shaped, a few holes for the long hanging ornaments, and full of character.

Christmas is coming. But first, Thanksgiving!

Our tree

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