I love bread. The Union Square Farmers’ Market in New York has some wonderful bakeries that make interesting breads—some in wood-fired ovens which seems to give the loaf a wonderful texture and crustiness. In Northampton, MA a bakery called Hungry Ghost Bread opened in a tiny building dominated by a huge oven, and I find myself thinking it would be nice to pay the town another visit…until admitting to myself that really I would like to go buy bread (and their amazing crackers), some of which is made with local grains.

At one time Cherisse made bread frequently, but with so many other things to do, she got out of the habit. Until yesterday, when she placed a yeasty-smelling bowl next to the wood stove to rise (in the past she would have warmed the oven to do this). By late afternoon the heavenly smells of baking bread wafted through the house. A simple joy.

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