What a fool I was…

Why did I hold out for so long? The stove is fantastic! The house is filled with warmth. The oil heat doesn’t kick on. We have a device a friend had given us that provides all kinds of climate information including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Next to the indoor temperature reading there is a frowny face. At least it had always been a frowny face until the advent of the stove. For the first time ever the frown turned into a smile.

Our temperature gauge isn’t the only sign of contentment. Rebecca now, for the most part, lives in the rocking chair next to the stove. When the fire dies down a bit, she lies on the hearth itself.

Rebecca by stove

Koa is the only one who seems to long for the previous 58/61 degree temperatures the house was permanently set to (depending on day or night). She has started panting occasionally, when the thermometer hits 70 degrees.

Today we decided to make a soup, riffing off a recipe in Mark Bittman’s excellent cookbook “Food Matters.” It called for beans, and Bittman has a way to cook them without soaking overnight…but it requires a prolonged time on the stove. Cherisse put a big pot full of beans and water on the wood stove, and it simmered away all day, softening the beans enough by dinnertime to make a delicious hearty soup (we added some chicken broth to the bean water, and carrots, celery and celeriac to accompany the beans). So the stove also saved us some electricity today.

Do I miss the fires in the fireplace? A little, but they are rapidly becoming a distant memory.

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