Wild turkey

I looked out this morning to see what, on first glance, appeared to be some enormous black chickens on the other side of the fence. They were wild turkeys—11 of them, and full grown. The turkeys made their way along the outer edge of the fence (some straggling and then running to catch up), until they got to the woods and disappeared.

Cherisse and I looked over to the coop to see if the chickens had noticed. All of them were lined up in their outdoor enclosure, looking at the turkeys. What did they make of the turkeys? Were they simply curious, or were they considering a rumble?

Periodically wild turkeys pass through our yard. We have seen larger numbers, and sometimes they come through several days in a row. We hear them in the woods too, sometimes shuffling about in the trees (they don’t fly well, so it can’t be easy for them to get up, and stay in, a tree). Always, these gangly birds seem comical and charming.

Turkeys from a previous visit (a little hard to make out on the other side of fence)
Solo turkey
Another visitor


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