Great run and fabulous meals

This afternoon we did a practice run in preparation for Saturday’s 5K, sponsored by the South Foster Volunteer Fire Department. It has to be one of the loveliest courses of any 5K, taking you on a loop past beautiful houses, meadows with wooly sheep, Foster’s historic cemetery and the town pound. We aren’t sure which direction the race takes, so we might try the course one more time, going the opposite way. Either way there are hills, but not nearly as steep or long as those on the loop we (sometimes-but-not-nearly-enough) do from our house.

Feeling much relieved now that I know we can complete the course, my focus in now on dinner which I am eagerly awaiting. We are having a roast chicken and one of our Marina di Chioggia squashes. Three grew from two plants (the average is two 10-12 pound squashes per plant), and we are eating the smallest. Cherisse baked it with a little oil, then removed it from the skin, mashing it, and is now adding honey, ginger and soy sauce. We are taking a break from eggs tonight, which we have been trying to incorporate into our daily diet. We currently have three dozen eggs in the refrigerator—more than we can possibly use. This morning we had French toast, using four eggs (two of them were very small). Yesterday for dinner we came up with something delicious—we decided to try a hash, with poached eggs. We took our own potatoes and carrots, diced and boiled them until just tender, and then put them in a pan with olive oil, fresh parsley (also from our garden) and roasted red peppers. (We always keep a jar of red roasted peppers, and one of yellow in our cupboard; they are a nice addition to many dishes.) Once these had cooked, the poached eggs went on top.

The hash was excellent, and has great potential. I think people who can eat onions would prefer to add sautéed onions, and really so many other ingredients would work. Meat would be great—possibly ground pork or sausage. Sweet potatoes would also work in place of the Dark Red Norland we used. Winter squash would be good as well. This dish is definitely a keeper—and a good accompaniment to the eggs.

Not tonight though. Dinner is ready!

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