5 Eggs!

This morning we collected one egg, and then later found four more, the most we’ve gotten yet. Two of them are small and a bit oddly shaped, but the other three look “medium” sized. Cherisse posted a rotational map on the refrigerator door, so we can remember which to eat first.

Chickens need approximately 14 hours of daylight to lay eggs; because the days are shorter, Cherisse set a timer to keep a light on for a couple of hours past nightfall. Already we are getting more eggs than we can use, but if the other hens start laying, we could have about eight a day. I say eight, because we now think that Featherfoot might be a rooster (which we had thought originally). She/he might not be confused, but we certainly are.

The rooster(s) don’t stray too far from the coop, while the hens range further and further. I am startled every time I see a shape bustle by the kitchen door. Today Rebecca was sitting on the kitchen step watching a chicken approach; as soon as it was near enough, she leapt out. The chicken scooted and Rebecca seemed satisfied. The chickens have no real fear of Rebecca, and I think she knows they are too big and feisty, but that doesn’t stop her from having a bit of sport.

The novelty of collecting eggs and watching the chickens scattered about, pecking and scratching, hasn’t worn off. I’m not sure it will.

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