Chicken bunny

For the past three or so weeks, a baby bunny has been hanging out with the chickens. When we first noticed, it was a really tiny thing, going in and out from under a forsythia bush, where the chickens often take a siesta. At first I was worried that the chickens might try to kill it, but they seem to coexist. It will venture out quite far from cover, chomping on grass, surrounded by chickens, while we watch a few feet away with the dogs. Normally Koa would chase a bunny, but either she has yet to see it, or she accepts it as a part of the chicken family. We have wondered if the bunny thinks it might be a chicken; perhaps it lost its own family and has adopted a new one. Or it simply sees some safety in numbers. Since the chickens are not afraid of us, it treats us with less caution than it might (or should). I am both worried about it and so charmed I hope it stays.

Chicken and bunnyBunny

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