I have been without computer access for the last couple of days, and had planned on writing about the Common Ground Fair, which we went to on Saturday (it was fabulous). But there is much more exciting news. Some of the hens have started to lay eggs! We had two different house/chicken sitters; the first, Marguerite, is an old hand at raising chickens. She found some eggs under a forsythia bush (instead of in their nice, clean, easy to access nesting boxes). Isaac, our young friend who had the second shift (with his parents) left us a note which read: “The chickens are great!!! Not one got snatched. They are laying eggs.” He also gathered tomatoes from the garden to feed them, and probably gave them far more attention than they normally get. Hopefully the production won’t come to a standstill once they discover we’ve returned home, and their new friend Isaac has left. Here is a picture of an egg laid in the nesting box.P92600181

They are quite small so far (they are called pullet eggs at this early stage), but as the chickens mature their eggs will get bigger. We may soon be coming up with innovative ways to incorporate eggs into our every meal!

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