Herding chickens

When we planned our garden gate, we wanted the rods to be spaced far enough apart for Rebecca to get through, but not wide enough for a dog’s head to get stuck. What we didn’t account for was chickens.gate

The new iron gate is attached to a wooden fence, encircling the garden. We have a deer fence running around a good bit of our property, which attaches to the wooden garden fence. It has worked beautifully to keep the deer out and the dogs in (although periodically the dogs find yet another hole the bunnies have chewed in the fence, and Cherisse has to patch it up).

It didn’t take too long for the chickens to find the flower garden, the iron fence, and a bunny hole. And so a brave few have been making their escape.

The first chicken I found in the flower garden I tried in vain to get over the wooden fence. I wanted her to fly over, but she just ran back and forth, between the prickly holly bushes and the flowers; Koa, thinking it was a game, chased her, which didn’t help. Next I put a little table alongside the fence to use as a stepping-stone. She ignored it. Finally, in desperation I dug a hole under the fence, which she went under. Then I filled the hole back up.

By Monday, three more chickens had made it into the flower garden and then through the iron gate. Cherisse and her mother herded them back in. Tuesday there was another breakout, possibly through a bunny hole.

Soon I think we will have even bigger problems to deal with than escapees: it is only a matter of time until they hit the mother lode—the vegetable garden.

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