Allergies and the great outdoors

Here’s an interesting twist. I have suffered from allergies for more than half my life…I always forget, but I think it is called angioedema; parts of me swell up. It is uncomfortable, sometimes painful, itchy and when it happens to my face, disfiguring and disheartening. Since I left an office job in June I have spent a great deal more time working outdoors (breathing in and surrounded by pollen, grass, dirt, plant life) and with my dogs and cat…all things that would have caused flare-ups before. Yet, at the risk of jinxing myself, I have been almost swell-free.

I saw my fantastic allergist today, Dr. Mazza. I think his patients must all be puzzles to him…he sorts pieces of information and tries to fit them together to find answers and solutions. He asked if my old office was dusty and dirty (it was), and his theory for my recent good luck was that I am now in a cleaner environment. Confirmation that working outdoors is good for your health, and soul.

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