I added a tab for some of my favorite recipes. The first two, gazpacho and marinated cucumbers, are adapted from Judy Gorman’s Vegetable Cookbook. I don’t know if it is still in print—my copy is a first edition from 1986—but if you can find a copy, grab it. A wide selection of vegetables are included alphabetically, each with a drawing, a description, instructions on how to select, how to store, how to prepare, and then a handful of recipes. It is the “how to store” that makes this indispensable to us. Without fail, we cannot remember how our vegetables will keep best: in or out of the refrigerator; in a baggie or not; with a twist tie or loose. So we repeatedly look up the same vegetables—and those new to us—to learn what to do. That there are some great recipes included is an added boon. Many of these we have modified over the years to suit our preferences.

A note on ingredients: the quality makes a huge difference. For example, I use flours that are processed as little as possible (Arrowhead Mills is my first choice), and I use organic Florida Crystals sugar. The olive oil and vinegar used in the gazpacho will affect the taste, as of course will the freshness of the vegetables. It all matters.

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